Obesity And Kidney Problems: What is The Link?

kidney problems and obesityKidneys are meant to remove all forms of waste and unneeded water from your system. They are also good at producing hormones and serve as a regulator of blood pressure and body fluids. It is not news that people do have two kidneys; even you that you are reading this were born with two kidneys. Do not be surprised that one kidney can function perfectly if the other one stops working (provided nothing is wrong with it). Did I hear you scream? Yes, it is possible otherwise it would not have been easy for anyone to help in donating to those who have severe problems with theirs. Kidney problem is not an isolated case of adulthood but can also be seen in children. Join me as I point out the link between kidney problems and weight loss or obesity.

Kidney Problems

Now, you should note that one or both kidneys can develop problems or even stop functioning due to various reasons; the most common being

  • Kidney cancer / Renal cancer
  • Chronic kidney disease / chronic renal failure

Weight loss can be a symptom of the condition when kidney is at risk of developing malfunctioning. It can also be a form of treatment to manage the problem as well. Did I sound confusing? Just read on, you will understand me better by the time you get to the bottom of this page. Isn’t it shocking that so many abnormalities have a direct or indirect link with being overweight? Well, let this be one of the reasons why you work on that excess fat to be in a good state of health. Even physically, you get to discover that it is easier for someone with a moderate fat to pick up at a good pace than someone who is overweight. If you have failed your promises to get rid of that fat, then the right time is now; you can even start by getting your diets right.

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Weight Loss as a Symptom

When I stated above that weight loss can be a symptom and equally serve as a treatment, you would have thought that I made a mistake. Now, let me explain, weight loss is a typical outcome and signal that there is a problem with a kidney. An instance can be drawn from a chronic kidney failure; a condition that gradually becomes complicated can make an someone experience vomiting and feeling of nausea due to accumulated waste in the body. When such symptoms recur, it will eventually lead to loss of appetite which in turn brings weight loss. Kidney cancers are known for common symptoms of poor appetite and rapid weight loss for an unknown reason.

Weight Loss as a Treatment

So many factors can increase the likelihood of a person developing certain diseases that attack the kidneys. If an individual who has a kidney problem weighs too much, it becomes another issue to treat because excess fat will not help the situation at all. It is a wise decision for such a person to eat more nutritious and exercise more to lose excess fat and maintain normal weight. Excess weight can increase the severity of kidney problem especially if the person concerned smokes and eat a diet which is high in fat.

Obesity Considerations

It should be noted that obesity does not in any way cause kidney problems but being overweight makes it easier to be attacked by various health problems. Diabetes and high blood pressure can bring a serious medical condition for an obese person that can eventually cause damage to the kidneys and even more critical health situation. Losing weight brings a tremendous improvement in individual’s health and equally helps people with diabetes and blood pressure to live a healthier life. Do you want to lose weight? Start working towards it now because the state of being overweight did not emerge suddenly, it came up gradually and if you have a will to get your perfect shape back, you have to do it gradually. You can check other articles that treat weight loss on this site

Treatment Warning

Now, you need to be well guided that while obesity does not cause kidney problems, it makes the treatment of kidney problems more difficult and even sometimes impossible because person with excess fat who has a kidney problem cannot receive a crucial kidney transplant until they lose weight. The excess weight increases the risk of having complications eventually even if the surgery went successfully.

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